Quote1 Know you this, grotesquerie! I came not of my choosing! Nay, I was summoned! And like she who called me forth from the Abyss, you, too -- shall feel my power! Quote2
-- Thog the Nether-Spawn

Appearing in "Night of the Nether-Spawn!"

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Synopsis for "Night of the Nether-Spawn!"

Amateur witch Jennifer Kale and her younger brother Andy take one of their grandfather's occult textbooks out into the swamp and attempt to conduct a ritual. Jennifer believes that she failed her attempt at a conjuration spell, but little does she realize that she actually opened a dimensional rift freeing a demon known as the Nether-Spawn. Jennifer and Andy go to town to take in a movie, never realizing that they are now being hunted.

The Man-Thing witnesses the tableau and follows the Nether-Spawn as it hunts down the young witch. The Nether-Spawn attacks them at a movie theater, but the Man-Thing intervenes and fights with the demon. As the two battle, Jennifer and Andy flee back towards the swamp. The Man-Thing loses interest in the fight and lumbers back towards familiar ground. The demon follows him and renews their battle. Jennifer tries burning the mystic tome and succeeds in reversing the spell. A dimensional portal opens and the Man-Thing pushes the Nether-Spawn inside just before it closes back up. As the Man-Thing wanders off, Jennifer and Andy feel that in some strange way, they have made a new friend.

Appearing in "The Spider Waits!"

This story is a reprint of the comic
Marvel Tales #105.

Synopsis for "The Spider Waits!"

This story is a reprint of the comic
Marvel Tales #105.


  • First appearance of Thog. He is referred to only as the "Nether-Spawn" in this issue.
  • The town where the Man-Thing fights the Nether-Spawn is later identified as Citrusville in future issues.


  • This issue is the first full-story professional Marvel work for writer Steve Gerber.
  • The tagline for this issue is, "The Haunter of the Swamp!"

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