Quote1 Good Lord--are you my victim? Quote2
-- Morbius the Living Vampire

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Synopsis for "Morbius the Living Vampire!"

Morbius stalks the streets of Los Angeles on an unusually warm autumn night. Coming upon a young woman leaving a party, Morbius reaches out to seize her. She screams out that he is a vampire and Morbius drinks from her, leaving her in a dire condition. However, hearing her say "vampire" has reminded him of his curse to be a vampire and drives him to madness.

Morbius finds a room to rest for the night and dreams about his previous encounters with heroes who tried to stop him.

In the morning, a rabbi, Krause, and his reverend colleague enter the building Morbius had taken refuge in and are surprised to see him. Morbius' bloodlust returns and he is ready to strike the men, but their lack of fear calms Morbius.

Morbius introduces himself to the men and the two men begin a barrage of tests on Morbius to uncover the secrets to his condition. They are unsuccessful and after a long day, Morbius' thirst for blood returns in full force.

He attacks the men and tries to strangle Krause, but suddenly Krause's colleague, Daemond, uses occult rituals to bring Morbius under his control.

Rabbi Krause is surprised at his friend, Reverend Daemond and wonders how such rituals could cure Morbius. Daemond reveals that he is only interested in controlling Morbius. Now that he has done it, Daemond has no need of Krause. Daemond commands Morbius to attack Krause. Morbius attacks as commanded and drains Krause of blood, killing him.

The feast, however, has returned Morbius to his senses and, angry that he had been used, Morbius tries to attack Daemond.

However, Morbius is once again taken under control. Daemond states that there is someone who is obstructing him from carrying out his plans for world domination, but he does not say who, only where this person can be found.

Morbius flies off to find this obtacle to Daemond and comes upon a limosine, which contains his target.

Morbius quickly dispatches the driver and opens the limo's back door to find the target he is to kill.

However, Morbius is stunned to find that Daemond's target is merely an innocent-looking little girl!

Appearing in "Midnight in the Wax Museum!"

This story is a reprint of the comic
Astonishing #61.

Synopsis for "Midnight in the Wax Museum!"

This story is a reprint of the comic
Astonishing #61.

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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