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  • Comet (starship, flashback)

Synopsis for "Project: Second Genesis!"

Morbius stands frozen in front of the child, unable to bring himself to harm her. Through sheer willpower, he breaks out of Daemond's control and walks away. Yet, his thirst is so great, he cannot stand it any longer. He reluctantly gives in to his desire for blood and goes back to the limo to feed on the girl, Tara.

Suddenly Tara shoots beams from her eyes, sending Morbius flying back. She reveals that she has powers and can control things with her mind. She shows Morbius a vision of what she will grow up to be one day, a powerful huntress.

Thinking she is merely an illusion, Morbius attacks, only to be struck by the woman's whip. He breaks past her defenses and feeds on her blood, only to realize that feeding on her also harms the young psychic Tara. As Tara falls into unconsciousness, the manifestation of adult Tara vanishes in a billow of mist.

Morbius goes to Tara and is surprised to see that feeding upon her vision also left bite marks on young Tara's neck. As Morbius puts the girl in the limo to drive her to the hospital, he theorizes that the grown woman he fought was not merely a vision, but a projection of Tara's very essence, and therefore a part of her.

On the way to the hospital, Morbius is forced to stop the limo by a cloaked man floating a little above the roadway. He knows Morbius' real name and claims that only the group he belongs to can save Tara.

The man commands Morbius to take a side road where his group will be waiting. Morbius inquires the man about who and what he is, but the man simply vanishes.

Morbius follows the side road, worried that it might be a trap, and comes upon a house by the sea. He exist the limo with tara in his arms and the limo begins to glow, then vanishes. Suddenly, more cloaked figures show up and use their psychokinetic powers to bring Tara to their arms.

They invite Morbius into the house and he follows after them. Inside Morbius is amazed to see an extremely advanced biophysics laboratory, complete with large machines and men in cylindrical tanks. This is the Sanctum of the Caretakers.

One of the Caretakers, Kammar the Historian, explains that they are creating life in their laboratory, but not for sinister purposes. 10,000 years earlier, the Caretakers' ship, The Comet, crashed on Earth with only three survivors. They intended to observe and explore Earth, but upon learning that apes were becoming intelligent and evolving into an even more intelligent form, they decided to help preserve the human race, to become Caretakers.

Morbius is astounded by this story, but believes that Kammar is sincere in telling it. Kammar reveals that the Caretakers are dying. Disturbed by the decline of human civilization in the past century, Kammar reveals that the Caretakers have begun Project Second Genesis in order to prevent the human race from going extinct.

Morbius wonders what any of this has to do with Daemond, but Kammar reveals that the project intends to create a race of superhumans, the "Children of The Comet" who will carry on the Caretakers' work. Daemond opposes this project and believes that the future of mankind lies in supernatural forces. The Caretakers ask Morbius to destroy Daemond for them since they have evolved to abhor violence and cannot harm anyone without damaging their minds. They try to entice Morbius by offering to bring back Martine. He reluctantly agrees.

Morbius is told of Daemond's location and sets off, swearing to get vengeance on the Caretakers if this is a trick. Morbius glides back into Los Angeles and finds Daemond's residence. Peering through a window, Morbius sees Daemond and a woman performing a ritual to summon the power of a demon named Balkatar.

Morbius bursts through the window just as Balkatar, a creature like a jungle-cat, enters this dimension. Balkatar attacks Morbius at Daemond's command. Balkatar and Morbius break through the wall to the street below. Balkatar delivers a blow to Morbius that knocks him down, giving Balkatar enough time to pin Morbius to the ground.

Daemond and the woman come outside to get a good vantage point to watch Morbius' demise. As they get close, Morbius hears the woman's voice and recognizes it. When she comes into view, his suspicions are confirmed. The woman is none other than his beloved Martine!

Appearing in "Sorry... Mr. Hopkins!"

This story is a reprint of the comic
Mystic #8.

Synopsis for "Sorry... Mr. Hopkins!"

This story is a reprint of the comic
Mystic #8.

A man bumps into the tent pole and drops his glasses, so the Gypsy fortune teller hands him a pair that makes her appear beautiful and convinces him to murder his wife and steal from his boss for her. When he returns to her with the money he bumps into the pole in the darkened tent again and she hands him the repaired glasses he originally dropped. She is then revealed as an old hag.

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