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  • Arcturian Starship (First appearance)

Synopsis for "Return to Terror!"

Morbius and Lord I arrive at the last ship their race produced capable of interstellar travel, prepared to travel to Earth and stop the Caretakers. However, they are beset by tribesmen who worship the ship as a god, and Morbius must protect I (who has no instinct for self preservation). Morbius quickly realizes that their only chance is to take a hostage, and grabs a woman who appears to be their queen. Unfortunately, it’s been more than 24 hours since he has fed, so he is quickly overcome with hunger and kills her. Morbius and I flee for the ship and slam the door as the tribesmen get close.

Morbius recalls the events that have brought him here, as they prepare for their trip to Earth.

Weeks later, Blade has saved a woman in an alley from a vampire. As he is delivering the final blow, the ship crash lands in the street, drawing a crowd. Upon investigating, the bystanders find the body of Lord I, and Blade realizes that the alien was killed not by the crash, but by a vampire. Figuring that the vampire must have escaped just before landing, he looks up just in time to see Morbius taking off from a rooftop.

Blade pursues him through the city, and the two clash. As they fight, he realizes that Morbius speaks English, and Morbius realizes that Blade is claiming to have fought other vampires. Deciding that he must be insane, Morbius eventually knocks Blade off a roof and escape.

Morbius flees across the country by rail, murdering engineers and switch operators from Chicago to Los Angeles, not realizing that the Caretakers are watching.

Appearing in "The Two-Faced Man"

Reprint of the 2nd story from
World of Suspense #1
  • Appearances not yet listed

Synopsis for "The Two-Faced Man"

Reprint of the 2nd story from
World of Suspense #1

A stagehand of the play Cyrano De Bergerac is in love with the leading lady so he resolves to knock out the leading man and don his makeup so he can get close enough to her to confess his feelings. She doesn't notice that he is a different man so when he asks her for a kiss, she refuses and says that she is in love with the stagehand. He exclaims that he is the stagehand, but when he tries to remove the false nose, he finds that he cannot.

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