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Synopsis for 1st story

In Los Angeles, Misty recruits Frankie Raye for a mission that will finally put an end to the Doom Maidens once-and-for-all. The Fearless Defenders find the Doom Maidens in the final stages of a ritual to grant Caroline the powers that she has been craving. In the subsequent battle, the Fearless Defenders defeat the Doom Maidens while Frankie siphons the energy from the ritual before Caroline can complete her transformation. However, Caroline still manages to succeed in the secondary ritual of restoring her mother, Morgana le Fey.

Solicit Synopsis

• The Defenders make a stand against the apocalyptic Doom Maidens! Hopefully some of the team survives!

• Valkyrie and Annabelle have a complicated relationship... and it’s only going to become even more perplexing and problematic as of this issue!

• A new (cosmically awesome) character joins the team! And you’ll never expect this addition to the cast!

• Caroline LeFay comes face to face with one of her estranged parents!

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