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-- Misty Knight

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  • Odin (Only in flashback)


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Synopsis for 1st story

In a cavern beneath Harrowpoint, Washington, Valkyrie insists that she is not the maiden of rage, prompting the Doommaidens to attack her in order to "remind her." Valkyrie experiences flashes of fury and fends off the Doommaidens before Annabelle and Dani persuade her to escape and Misty breaks Arnleif's hold over Hippolyta.

Hippolyta joins Valkyrie and Misty as the Doommaidens regain their strength, and Dani persuades Hippolyta to retreat to the surface with her and Annabelle; moments later, Valkyrie and Misty escape the cavern with Aragorn's aid. As the group prepares to leave, the Doommaidens erupt from the cavern on the back of a flying two-headed beast. Valkyrie promptly teleports the group away from Harrowpoint as the Doommaidens destroy the abandoned town, and Caroline le Fay explains to Mr. Raven that the Valkyrior's escape is "perfectly acceptable."

At a safehouse in New York City, Misty suggests calling in the Avengers, but Valkyrie explains that the Valkyrior must replace the Doommaidens in order to defeat them. Misty insists that Valkyrie must choose a team of shieldmaidens; while Valkyrie claims that she needs time, Hippolyta attempts to return Dani to Hela, but Dani refuses. Alone, Valkyrie recalls a time "long ago" when, as the maiden of rage, she confronted Odin and was struck down.

Soon after, Annabelle finds Valkryie, who insists that she, Dani, and Hippolyta must leave the city in order to draw the Doommaidens away. The three teleport away, after which Misty contacts another hero for hire.

Solicit Synopsis

• Come for the banter, stay for the surprises!

• Everything Valkyrie knows about her origin is wrong!

• And Caroline LeFay unleashes her Doom Maidens upon the world!

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