Quote1.png I know a thing or two about rage. And that kind of fury... it's not going to pass without taking someone with it. Quote2.png
-- She-Hulk

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Synopsis for 1st story

In Descanso de Deus, Brazil, Valkyrie, Hippolyta, and Moonstar ascend to a mountaintop mesa littered with stone carvings that mark an arena. They soon confront Caroline le Fay, Mr. Raven, and the Doom Maidens astride their demonic dragons, which douse the three with hellfire before Hippolyta heaves a stone carving at one of the dragons, knocking it out of the sky. The Doommaidens dismount and attack, and Valkyrie, Hippolyta and Moonstar fend them off before realizing that they are outnumbered. Moments later, Misty and Annabelle arrive on the scene with a battalion of superheroes, including Hellcat, Tigra, Black Cat, Spider-Woman, She-Hulk, Elektra, Storm, Thundra, Tarantula, Black Widow, Captain Marvel, and Colleen Wing.

The heroes launch themselves into the fight and manage to subdue the Doommaidens, even as Thundra questions Annabelle's continued presence. In the midst of the fighting, Moonstar spots Caroline and confronts her, fighting and subduing Mr. Raven before Caroline explains that Moonstar is "the battery" that powers the ritual to awaken the Doommaidens. She then explains that Valkyrie brought Moonstar to Brazil in order to power Valkyrie's transformation into the maiden of rage. Valkyrie then transforms and destroys Hermotha, and She-Hulk prepares to battle the newly awakened Maiden of Rage.

Solicit Synopsis

• All the fearless ladies on this cover are actually in this issue! • Plus: Valkyrie v.s. She Hulk!

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