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Federal Bureau of Investigation
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Special Agent Cobb, Otto Octavius, Ben Reilly, Jessica Drew, Special Agent Tucci

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The FBI is a governmental agency which belongs to the United States Department of Justice, and serves as both a federal criminal investigative body and an internal intelligence agency. In an attempt to create super soldiers without being reliant on Nick Fury's monopoly on the Ultimates, they created four clones of the vigilante Spider-Man, Tarantula, Kaine, Richard Parker and Jessica Drew, based on Ben Reilly's and Otto Octavius' work, as well as a clone of Gwen Stacy mixed with a sample of the Carnage life-form called the "Stacy experiment". Every one of them escaped from custody when the Carnage/Gwen Stacy clone caused havoc in the installations.

When Peter Parker and his clones faced Otto Octavius in an abandoned OsCorp installation, Henry Gyrich arrived with some agents in order to control the situation and possibly retrieved a unconscious Octavius.

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