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The Federal Penal Colony No. 9 in Sol-Iletsk was one of the most secure prisons in Russia,[1] and it held some of the country's most vicious murderers.[2]

When he sought asylum in Russia after escaping from a faux vampire civil war he orchestrated, Dracula was imprisoned in the deep levels of the facility. He was visited by Iron Man on behalf of the Avengers to investigate his dealings with the Russian government. Dracula used his powers to cause a riot, in part to distract Iron Man and also to prove that he was staying in the prison out of his own volition and didn't escape because he didn't want to.[1]

After Dracula was transferred out of the building, the Legion of the Unliving targeted the Federal Penal Colonly No. 9, and infected all of its inmates, turning them into vampires, since they intended to build up the ranks of their new vampire nation. The Avengers intercepted the Legion, and even though the group escaped, the heroes managed to contain the breakout.[3]

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