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The Feeders are a species of mental parasite that evolved on Earth in the 150 years following the extinction of humans. They exist only to propagate themselves by passing their infection from host to host, and once infected, the host loses all mental capacity except a drive to spread the infection. Sublime weaponized the Feeders in his final war on the mutant race, sending them to the Xavier Institute to infect the civilian mutants there. When the Institute self-destructed, it is assumed all the Feeders sent there were destroyed, too.


An unknown connection seems to exist between the Feeders and the Mummudrai, due to a number of parallels between them. Those infected by the Feeders endlessly repeat the phrase "Eat mind;" the only named Mummudrai, Cassandra Nova, introduced herself as "That which eats your mind." As well, Sublime likens the Feeders to a former ally of his whom he described as a "blind predator, stillborn in the sewers of a nightmare," an accurate description of Cassandra.

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