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Felicia Hardy did not take the fact that she was aging well. She was becoming obsessed with finding a way to keep her current youth and agility. After signing up for an Alchemax research program designed to reverse the aging process, Felicia effectivly signed away her life, as Alchemax took complete advantage over what they thought was their own permanant resource.

Although Felicia eventually escaped, Alchemax had what it needed from Felicia though, a sample of her DNA. They mixed it with samples from the heroine Tigra, DNA from actual cats, and even samples from the Vanisher, in the process creating what they called the "new and improved" Black Cat, her combat skills, teleportation ability and enhanced physical prowess making her a lethal fighter while her instilled agoraphobia ensured that she would never attempt to escape the building.

Felicia Hardy (Clone) (Earth-TRN199) from Spider-Man Edge of Time 0001.jpg

While surveying the building, Cat spotted a time-displaced Spider-Man. She became jealous after overhearing his plan to return to the past and to Mary Jane Watson. Having the memories of Peter Parker from the original Black Cat, as well as the feelings towards him, she began to stalk him and taunt him while pretending to be her genetic template after giving herself away. After defeating her once, Felicia fled back into the shadows. Later, she holds out the key that leads to the gateway room, forcing Spider Man to have to play "cat and mouse". Eventually, he defeated her and continued his trip home, but not before giving her the goodbye she wanted.[1]


Powers of Felicia Hardy and Greer Grant.

Teleportation: Known to be able to teleport herself thanks to the DNA of the Vanisher, the clothes she is wearing, and small objects anywhere in the Alchemax Building.


An artificially-instilled sense of agoraphobia prevents her from teleporting out of the building.

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