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A skilled cat burglar – Felicia Hardy knows Spidey as well as anyone, even his secret identity!

Role in the game

Felicia taught Spider-Man how to move, fight, and use his webbing. She then returned to inform Spider-Man that Venom had a message for him, broadcasting on a public TV screen. Immediately after that, Felicia tried to assist Spidey against Rhino, but he ambushed and incapacitated her immediately, leaving her hurt and subsequently kidnapped by two fake paramedics. Spider-Man managed to find her in Doc Ock's secret lab and rescued her from her prison. While Spider-Man battled Octavius and Carnage, she went to Captain America in order to ask for help and she was with him when they saved Peter from the explosion of the lab. Black Cat was last seen partying with the rest of heroes celebrating their victory.[1]

Powers and Abilities


Seemingly those of the Felicia Hardy of Earth-616.

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