Felicia Hardy is the owner of the Black Cat nightclub and former (but close) lover of reporter Benjamin Urich. She was Urich's liaison in his investigations and was bequeathed files on New York City's corruptions and scandals that would bring down many of the city's corrupted officials. After receiving the files, Felicia secretly witnessed Urich's murder by his boss Jonah Jameson. But in fact to be a disguised Chameleon sent by his mob boss the Goblin. Still believing it was Jameson, Felicia confronted the disguised Chameleon in Jameson's office and shot him to death.[1]

Before she was scarred

Felicia was later captured by the Goblin's men and brought to where the real Jameson was held captive. She was threatened to revealing Urich's document until the intervention of Spider-Man. Goblin took Felicia hostage to the sewers where she was able to escape, though he was later killed by Kraven the Hunter.

Following the Goblin's death and the exposure of Urich's files to the public, Felicia was confronted by Spider-Man. Knowing his identity as Urich's apprentice Peter Parker, she revealed that she once had a relationship with the Goblin and questioned him why he came. Peter presented her a photograph Urich had in his files earlier of him and Felicia when they were together.[2]

As White Widow

Felicia became dating with the new masked crime boss, Crime Master. However, she was secretly infatuated with Spider-Man behind the Crime Master's back. Though despite her feelings for Spider-Man she already realized the that they both lived in different lives that could null the possibility of being an actual couple. Felicia later provided shelter Peter after he was nearly killed by Sandman. When Peter fully recovered and left, Crime Master discovered his lover having been soliciting with Spider-Man and angrily retaliated by severely slashing Felicia.[3] But before she passed out from her injuries, Felicia made a phone call to alert FBI agent Jean De Wolfe of Crime Master's affiliation with Dr. Otto Octavius and his inhumane experiments. Felicia recuperated in a private clinic and relayed to her bodyguard Libby in informing Spider-Man that she'd will never want to see him again due to her injuries. She later returned to her home, but the injuries had left her face permanently scarred and had to wear a white mask to completely cover her face.[4]


In 1940, Felicia had taken on the alias of the White Widow and helped the Spider-Man defeat the Shocker who planned on selling his weaponized suit to the Nazis to help them win the war. After defeating Schultz, the Spider-Man was recruited by Spider-UK to prevent the Inheritors from escaping their prison on Earth-3145.[5] However, The Spider-Man would die in battle and Spider-Gwen revealed his death to her, showing Gwen her scarred face.[6]

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Seemingly those of the Felicia Hardy of Earth-616.


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