The Black Cat is an unusually seductive ally of the web-slinger Spider-Man who first met her after he stopped a raid on an art museum. He then chased her for answers when she revealed herself. After chasing her, Spider-Man interrogated her, but she managed to escape.

She next led him to the current hiding place of the Shocker who had just escaped. The two battled Shocker and his minions but she was injured by Shocker, and as Peter went to her aid, Shocker escaped. She then did some digging to find Shocker's new hideout to get revenge. Once she learned his location she once again found Spider-Man and the two faced him, but this time he had a force field at his disposal. The two are able to disable it and took him down once and for all.

Later she helped Spider-Man uncover prototype warmechs, all the while encouraging him to just forget about his civilian life and have fun as Spider-Man. In the end, Spider-Man decided that he must be both Spider-Man and Peter Parker, and Black Cat accepted his decision, promising Spidey that they would meet again.[1]


  • Her appearance is based loosely on early drafts of the script for the Spider-Man 2 movie, which originally included Black Cat though she was cut out quickly because there simply was not enough time to introduce her character.
  • She was originally going to appear in Sam Raimi's Spider-Man 4 and be played by Anne Hathaway. According to the script, Felicia was raised by Adrian Toomes, a close friend of her father Walter, after Walter was killed by a crazed Norman Osborn for stealing his equipment. Felicia would instead become a new super-powered figure called the Vulturess. Though in 2013, Raimi stated that Hathaway would have played Black Cat if Spider-Man 4 had been made. Incidentally, she ends up playing a different cat-themed villainess, Catwoman in The Dark Knight Rises.

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