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Black Cat’s life before the Symbiote Epidemy began on Earth-TRN018 is unknown, however it is very possible that it followed pretty much the same path as Black Cat of Earth-616. Somehow, she managed to survive through the whole Epidemy and to the time Spider-Man ventured to get up Fisk Tower, she remained a normal uninfected human. But at some point, Black Cat was somehow captured by Spencer Smythe. Due to his obsessive wish to hurt and destroy Spider-Man, Spencer placed a mind-control device on her, effectively suppressing and enslaving her mind to his will. Then Spencer ordered her to go to Fisk Tower and kill Spider-Man. In obedience to his order, Black Cat got to Fisk Tower and found Spider-Man.

After Jackal stole the Sonic Generator, Spider-Man got a call from Spencer saying that the Black Cat was unwillingly serving him now and she was after Spider-Man. Spider-Man then saw Black Cat in a trance like-state, slowly bobbing forward and backward, repeating her master's order. Without delay, she was quickly forced to attack Spider-Man, and he was forced to defend himself against her. After a brief fight, Black Cat suddenly stopped, and Peter received a call from Spencer.[1]

Good Option

After a brief talk with Smythe, Spider-Man defeated Black Cat, leaving her lying unconscious on the roof of Fisk Tower, foiling Spencer's plans. It is unknown what happened to Black Cat afterward, whether she was eventually infected nor did she survived the Symbiote Epidemy.[1]

Evil Option

After a brief talk with Smythe, Spider-Man defeated Black Cat and wrecked the mind-control device, leaving her brain-dead on the roof of Fisk Tower and foiling Spencer's plans.[1]


Seemingly those of Black Cat of Earth-616.


Black Cat's Suit

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