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The Sinister Six were going around New York City committing crimes, while incriminating Spider-Man to divert his attention from their secrets plan. Black Cat was caught up in that crime spree, and ended up trapped in the Sinister Six's replica spider-webs used to incriminate Spider-Man.

Spider-Man, and Wasp freed her from the webs, and after that Ant-Man invited her to join the Avengers Academy. At the Avengers Academy she helped Black Widow with her investigation on what Director Fury was hiding from everyone, and also helped Spider-Man clear his name, and in the final battle against the Sinister Six.

Due to the fact that Director Fury is always hiding secrets from everyone, she was able to convince a group of students to help her steal the Casket of Ancient Winters that was in Fury possession. Secretly she swapped the real Casket for a fake one, fooling the students that were helping her, and keeping the real one to sell it in the black market.[1]

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Seemingly those of the Felicia Hardy of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the Felicia Hardy of Earth-616.



Seemingly the same as Felicia Hardy of Earth-616.


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