General Felipe Salvadora was the President-for-life of the small but mineral-rich Latin American country of Samovar. The International Court of Justice had taken the decision to hold him accountable for the terrible things he had done to his people, for which several drug cartels Salvadora worked with wanted to assassinate him in case he could try expose them to strike a deal with the authorities once he was inevitably arrested.

With the inauguration of a high-speed rail line from the Mexican border to Tierra del Fuego in Argentina named the Pan-South America Jaguar Limited, General Salvadora was one of the many dignitaries that took part in its inaugural trip. S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Nick Fury was deployed in the train to prevent any possible murder attempts. Fury took care of numerous would-be assassins while General Salvadora partied in the train, with one of them being one of Salvadora's own bodyguards. Unbeknownst to General Salvadora, I.C.J. operative Melodía Días was also present aboard the train, because the government of Argentina was preparing to arrest Salvadora as soon as the train reached its destination.[1]

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