Dr. Felix Sak was a retired surgeon who became a Nazi spy during World War II. He was among a number of Nazi agents sent into the United States to obtain education in order to destabilize America. Setting up a private home on an island off the coast of Long Island on the waters of Montuak Point, he and his minions carved out a massive underwater cave to hide U-Boats which were used to sink American ships.

By the spring of 1941, Sak's operation frustrated the U.S. Navy, eventually forcing them to contact the Sub-Mariner for assistance. The hero chased after a Nazi sub after one of its most recent attacks but lost it in a violent storm. Seeking shelter on Sak's island, the Sub-Mariner was invited in. Recognizing the Sub-Mariner, Sak pretended to be hospitable and left his guest unattended to catch him in the act of snooping. Discovering a secret panel that led to the sub basements below Sak's home, Namor was caught unaware by Sak and two of his minions.

After explaining the nature of his operation to the undersea monarch, Sak fled when the Sub-Mariner broke free. Trying to escape in an elevator, Sak died instantly when the Sub-Mariner grabbed the elevator cable and yanked the car down to a crashing impact on the ground floor. Shortly thereafter, Namor tipped off the Navy to the location of the secret U-Boat base, and it was destroyed.[1]


Sak had an entire fleet of U-Boats at his command.


Sak carried an automatic pistol.

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