Felix von Shlecht was a Nazi spy that was active during World War II. In the fall of 1942, he hired an organ grinder to use his pet monkey Gertie to steal the American defense plans of the Panama Canal. This plot was stopped thanks to the charm of Dr. Watson, the pet monkey of boy detective Terry Vance. Watson convinced Gertie to not give the stolen plans back to her master but instead hand them over to Terry and his pal Deadline Dawson. When the organ grinder came after them, the two boys easily subdued him and learned of his mission.

Terry sent Gertie with the plans to Von Shlecht hoping to catch him off guard. As according to Terry's plans, when Felix reached for the plans in the monkey's hand, Dr. Watson (flying by in one of Terry's remote controlled airplanes) jumped up from behind and knocked out Von Shlecht with a wrench blow to the back of the head. Von Shlecht was turned over to the authorities.[1] His fate is unknown.

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