The Fencing Master was a Nazi spy who was active during World War II. Near the end of the war, he and his men operated in secret out of a gym in Washington, D.C. that was frequented by high- ranking American military officials. Through this front, the Fencing Master gave fencing lessons in order to get close to his intended targets. The Fencing Master tipped his sword with a drug that reacted lethally with medicinal morphine, making the cause of death appear to be natural causes, by means of heart failure.

His first victim was General Watkins, who died after a visit with his family doctor. Although the coroner report stated that Watkins died of natural causes, FBI agent Perkins decided to investigate further. Learning of the investigation, the Fencing Master and his minions trapped Perkins and the corpse of Watkins in a burning house to destroy all evidence. Perkins was rescued by a passing Miss America who fought off the Fencing Master and his men. Perkins then insisted that Miss America recover the body from the house. While she was recovering Watkins' body, the Fencing Master returned and murdered Perkins.

Miss America eventually followed the clues back to the gym where Fencing Master and his men were operating. The spies quickly subdued Miss America and then began preparing to eliminate their next target, General Summers. However, when Summers suddenly entered the room, Miss America broke free and was able to defeat the spies and prevent the Fencing Master from landing a killing blow. The Fencing Master was then turned over to the FBI.[1]


The Fencing Master, as his name suggests, was an expert at fencing.


The Fencing Master typically used a standard sword commonly used for the sport of fencing. He coated his blade with a drug that reacted fatally with morphine. When operating outside of his gym hideout, the Fencing Master used a weighted walking stick as an offensive weapon.

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