Feng Huang is the product of a family's choice to create two daughters to continue their political and economic dynasty. Feng Huang embraced the quest for wealth and power while her sister, Lei Fong, saw it as the path to destruction.

Doom 2099 first encountered Feng Huang aboard her space platform, which served as the nexus of a series of outwardly disconnected events. Fortune was led by Lei Fong to the space platform, where it was revealed that her brother Kaz was being held. Five years prior, Feng Huang had purchased Kaz, who was found in an alien sphere buried underneath the Himalayas. Kaz seemed to be the recipient of a lone alien signal. Doom discovered and traced the source of a secondary outward transmission. In the snows of the Arctic, Doom came face to face with Radian, whom Doom followed to the space platform. Feng Huang joined all present for the ceremony of communion, a gift of the alien race Y'lestja.

However Feng Huang was interested in only exploiting alien technology and killed Radian in anger. She apparently set the platform's self-destruct and escaped, but Doom saw through the ruse, as she merely wanted everyone out of the way while she captured Radian's armor. The platform exploded and the armor seemingly with it. Feng Huang crashed landed in her homeland of China. There she was confronted by a gang of barbarians, led by none other than a third identical sister, previously unknown to her. Alone, she managed to fight and kill them all. Finally she was found by her own loyalists and returned to her capital.

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