Fenris was an agent of the Order of the Black Sun, a group warring with the Time Lords 30,000 years from when they first invented time travel. The Order sent him back to prevent the war from happening by sabotaging the time travel experiments. He caused the Gallifreyan fleet to deactivate its stasis haloes and fall into the black hole. However Rassilon stopped all but the ship belonging to Omega from being destroyed. He then severed Fenris' belt, and exiled him to the Zone of No Return. Rassilon was able to use the belt for directional control in his experiments.[1]

Twenty years later, the Time Lords attempted to free Fenris from the Zone of No Return with the help of the Special Executive. Wardog and Rema-Du were able to retrieve him and Viridian was able to determine he was from the Order of the Black Sun. Before anything else could happen, members of the Order came from the future and killed Fenris, Viridian, and other Time Lords. [2]

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