Fenris was Hela's female[1] mount during her and her father Odin's campaigns throughout the Nine Realms. When Odin ended these conquests and imprisoned Hela, Fenris was put in a deep sleep and sealed beneath Asgard's vault with Hela's undead warriors. Hela revived Fenris when she escaped from her imprisonment and reclaimed Asgard's throne following Odin's passing. Fenris guarded the Bifrost and Heimdall's Observatory to prevent Asgardians opposed to Hela's rule from fleeing to one of the other Nine Realms. Fenris charged at Heimdall and the other refugees, but was stopped by the Hulk, who recently arrived in Asgard with Thor, Loki, and the last Valkyrie to stop Hela. The Hulk and Fenris wrestled each other off the Bifrost, and continued their fight in the river beneath the bridge. Fenris died either when she fell over the side of a waterfall or when Surtur destroyed Asgard to complete Ragnarök.[2]

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