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Ferene the Other was one of the members of the Lethal Legion brought together by the Grandmaster to fight in a contest against the Challenger's Black Order, with Earth serving as its battleground.[1]

When both teams were teleported to the battleground to survey it, they got in a scuffle that was cut short by the teams' masters, since the contest wasn't started yet.[2] During the first round, Ferene was among the half of her team fighting one of the halves of the Black Order in Cusco, Peru for the possession of one of the two Pyramoids placed on Earth by the Grandmaster and the Challenger. When Ferene was close to being killed by Corvus Glaive, a group of Avengers stepped in, and the Red Hulk saved her.[3] The round ended after the Avenger Human Torch seized the Pyramoid in Cusco and was seemingly disintegrated.[4]

For the second round, Ferene went alone to Antarctica to capture one of the Pyramoids of the new set while the rest of her team focused on the other. The entirety of the Black Order also went to Antarctica, but they were driven away by a group of Avengers. When the fight ended, Ferene slipped past the Avengers and secured the Pyramoid. She was teleported to the Grandmaster's Cosmic Game Room but appeared to have been disintegrated, the same case as the other participants that touched a Pyramoid.[5] Following the end of the contest and the Avengers' victory over the Challenger, Ferene was liberated from the Cosmic Game Room. The Lethal Legion regrouped and escaped to Knowhere. Since they all were facing near-death situations when the Grandmaster recruited them, none of them had anywhere to return. They decided to stay together and see what could their combined power accomplish.[6]






A pair of curved swords.[8]


  • In her language, Ferene's name means "soul of iron."[3]


  • Ferene was envisoned by Jim Zub as "some kind of ghost-like/ethereal baddie."[9]

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