Fernande was an War Angel who served as the High Polemarch of Heven, having been trained from birth to to be the ultimate soldier. However, when the War of the Realms broke out she protested Heven's alliance with Malekith's army, to no avail; ultimately volunteering to lead the invasion herself so as to spare her lover, Anemone. When Spider-Man and the League of Realms attacked her base, Fernande initially ordered her troops to fight them, but was persuaded by Spider-Man to betray her former masters.[1] After Anemone was killed by Malekith out of meaningless sadism, Fernande fully defected and joined the League of Realms to avenge her.[2]

Despite having been raised to revel in combat and bloodshed, Fernande protested Heven's involvement in the War of the Realms; and spent much of her time holed up in a church lamenting the senseless slaughter. While she was prepared to fight and kill those she saw as her enemies, she was touched by Spider-Man's empathy and chose to defect.[1]


Fernande is capable of conjuring a mystical sword made of pink-and-white energy.[1]

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