Feron, was born on an alternate Earth. He was a great mage; Feron and Merlyn were both students of Necrom, their race's Sorcerer Supreme. Necrom had discovered that aligning parallel universes would create a matrix of nearly limitless magical energy. He invited his students to help him create such a matrix. They traveled to Earth-616, where the elder Feron contacted the Phoenix Force. He became host to the Phoenix Force and used its powers to project an ancient tower across the omniverse, creating a copy of the tower on every alternate Earth in existence. On Earth-616, the tower was Excalibur's Lighthouse headquarters. These towers formed a permanent alignment and the energy matrix. Necrom had other plans, however and tried to drain the Phoenix from Feron. Feron retaliated and strengthened by the Phoenix Force, he fought Necrom. Meanwhile Merlyn had jumped into the energy matrix and took its powers for himself. Necrom fled with part of the Phoenix Force and the Phoenix left Feron. Feron, blaming himself for the pain the Phoenix had suffered at Necrom's hands, stayed on Earth-616 and dedicated his life to seek forgiveness. He told his children to prepare for the inevitable return of Necrom.


  • Sorcery: Feron had mastered enough magical energies to contact the Phoenix Force, one of the powerful cosmic entities of Earth-616.
  • Nigh Omnipotence: As a host of the Phoenix Force, Feron was able to create a tower in every alternate Earth in the omniverse.
  • Phoenix Force powers: Feron possessed all the powers of the Phoenix counterpart of Earth-616.

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