This creature was a top secret project from Alchemax for their military department.

She was able to contact Ravage and to ask him help, to free her from the facility. Seeing with his power a future beasts-team-up, Avatarr ordered the termination of the project, but too lately, for Ravage to make escape the creature.

Leaving New York to search the Valley of the Beasts with her new partner, they stopped at Tech-Ville, and while Ravage helped Tody and Ferra Mellinger against the tyrant of the town, Machine Head, the bat goes to kill the Road Rats, mercenaries who had betrayed Mr. Mellinger, brother to Tody and husband to Ferra, in letting Machine Head's Tech-Raiders kill him.

Ravage and the bat, who reveals to be a female and decided to call herself "Ferra", inspired by Ferra Mellinger, then leaves the town.


Her form gives her the following powers:

  • Flight
  • Super-Strength

She had also displayed Telepathy with others primal animals, such as Ravage or trained dogs.


Her own wings

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