Ferraro Colon faked his own death during the first battle between Spider-Man and the Vulture in order to escape from his controlling wife Valeria,[1] whom Ferraro made believe he had died after being run over by a panicking driver. Ferraro went on to become a mobster in New Jersey known as "el Tenor."

When Valeria started investigating Ferraro's death many years after he faked it, and hired Deadpool to retrieve the negatives of the photographs Peter Parker took during the battle, Ferraro had his men hire Slapstick to obtain the negatives.[2] When Slapstick delivered the negatives, el Tenor gassed and kidnapped him in order to tie loose ends, neutralizing his powers with the magical properties of the ore that made up the walls in his bodega. Ferraro also sent his men after Deadpool and his ally Spider-Man.

After two failed attempts to take down Spider-Man and Deadpool, Spider-Man got one of el Tenor's men to take him to his mansion. Before getting there, Spider-Man contacted Valeria Colon, having deduced the identity of el Tenor. When Spider-Man, Deadpool and Valeria arrived to Ferrar's mansion, his alleged widow confronted him. While el Tenor's men attacked the intruders, Ferraro attempted to call his metally-impaired muscle, el Toro Negro, for back-up. However, Ferraro was knocked out by Slapstick, who had just escaped from captivity by convincing el Toro Negro to let him go. Valeria promised to pursue legal action against Ferraro.[2]

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