Little is known of "Feuer" Langhagen, save that he was a German mutant who decided to use his talents to become an entertainer at Herr Getmann's Traveling Menagerie. He became good friends with Kurt Wagner, who was the trapeze artist at the same carnival.

When Margali Szardos sought power enough to fight the demon Belasco, she transformed Feuer and the other carnies into demons and drained their energy, seemingly killing them, but with the aid of Kurt and her daughter was able to restore them.

Feuer briefly retired to the Alps, where he card for Kurt after an attack by the Church of Humanity cult, but soon returned to carnival life, where he was captured and tortured by the demon known as the Hive for information on the whereabouts of the Soulsword. Kurt found him, and he informed Kurt of the Hive's next destination before being taken to the hospital.

Feuer (Earth-616) from Nightcrawler Vol 4 2 0002

Feuer's heat vision

Feuer along with the other circus performers was next seen fighting against Nightcrawler and Amanda, not knowing that Kurt recently returned from the dead. Thinking he was some kind of demon, Feuer blasted Nightcrawler with his flame breathe, while strongman Haus wrapped his arms around him so he couldn't get free, but Kurt teleported out from his grasp and Haus ended up getting hit with the fire blast instead.

This knocked some sense into Haus making him remember Kurt, so Feuer realized it was really him. Kurt explained to Feuer that they were there to see their mother, thinking she was in danger. As Kurt called out for her, Margali came to let him know that she wasn't aware that someone might be after her, but before she could finish talking, Trimega appeared out of nowhere taking out Feuer and the others with very little ease.[1]


Pyrokinesis: Feuer was a mutant able to generate fire from his throat cavity, heat beams from his eyes and has enhanced immunity to burns, abilities that served him well in his profession as a fire-eater.

  • It appears Feuer retained his mutant abilties after M-Day since he was seen using them in a fight against Nightcrawler.[1]
  • 'Feuer' is German for 'fire'.

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