The fhtagn are a species of extradimensional eldritch creatures resembling purple masses of tentacles with a single eyestalk and a large fang-lined mouth.

A fhtagn was summoned by Hornet to dispose of the Scarlet Spider and Ricochet.[1] The species feeds on evil, and as such the summoned specimen attacked Ben Reilly - whose soul had been corrupted by repeated deaths and resurrections. When the Scarlet Spider destroyed the relic used to summon and control it, the monster tried to force its way through to Earth-616 so that it could rampage; forcing Hornet and the Scarlet Spider to team up to fight it. Dusk used her own otherworldly abilities to teleport the fhtagn to the bottom of the Marianas Trench, where it seemed to be at home.[2]

Powers and Abilities


As eldritch entities, the fhtagn are difficult to injure. They are able to bend the laws of physics - with the fhtagn summoned by Hornet being able to fly. Their vocalizations cause pain to humans, but those with evil souls are able to withstand them.[2]


Habitat: It is unknown what the fhtagn's home dimension is like, but Dusk noted it seemed happy at the bottom of the ocean.[2]


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