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Fidel Castro was the leader of the Communist revolution in Cuba. In 1961, Fidel Castro overthrew the US military occupation government in Cuba and established a communist state.[1] He had a brother, Raúl.[4]

During his rule, Castro kicked out in 1980 the gays, intellectuals, writers, artists and mutants, among those Izzy Ortega's parents, who were poets, and himself, seven years old at that time.[5] He repressed free speech activists.[4]

Castro's military and agents clashed with Iron Man and Captain America on different occasions.[2][6]

His government also established anti-mutant policies.[1] At some point, Castro had the mutants rounded up and interned in labor camps. More recently, he stated that "[he was] absolutely opposed to any form of repression, contempt, scorn or discrimination with regard to mutants".[3]

On T'Challa's coronation, Castro was among the nations' leaders to congratulate him, along President Bush, President Nelson Mandela and Prince Namor.[7]

Himself later attended to the wedding of Storm and Black Panther, again along Bush and Mandela.[8]

He was eventually replaced by his brother Raúl.[4]




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