Filippo was the brother of Hector Ayala, who became the super hero White Tiger. Filippo was a member of the criminal Corporation and was behind the murder of sientist Phillip Hart.[1] Searching the White Tiger who had begun interfring in his operations, he returned home,[2] claiming that he had been fitted with a bomb that would explode if he did not deliver a load of opium to a man named Maris (who had been killed by Jack of Hearts.[3] He led the Tiger to the Corporation's headquarters, a ship called El Tigre, where he and his allies were ambushed by the Corporations mercenary soldiers. After the battle, Filippo discovered that the other high-ranking Corporation members had killed themselves after seeing a message recorded by Fu Manchu who had informed them that he had no interest in an alliance with them. His dreams shattered, Filippo killed himself with the bomb that was still strapped to him.[1]

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