The Fin was a superhuman operative who joined Silver Sable and her Wild Pack. The new team formed was called the Intruders and was led by the reformed criminal Sandman. He did not like the codename Fin, but when Sandman pressed for his identity, he begrudgingly accepted the title.

Fin later joined the 50-State Initiative superhero team for Vermont called the Garrison. Fin was also joined by one of his fellow Intruders and Wild Pack member Man-Eater.

Powers and Abilities


The Fin possesses an unrecorded level of superhuman strength, as well as the ability to send out a signal toward any object at a rate of one hundred times a second, possibly a form of sonar, used for echolocation.


The Fin is an expert in physics, but it has not been revealed if this was training or just a personal interest. Fin has keeps his scientific expertise quiet as to not be exploited by his teammates and other individuals.

Physical Strength

Superhuman, to an unknown degree.

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