The past history of Fin Fang Foom mirrors his Earth-616 counterpart. On Earth-9997, Fin Fang Foom had died. His body buried somewhere in Japan, and his spirit was linked to the rings of the Mandarin and was trapped so long as the rings remained on the Earthly domain.

When Mar-Vell went to Japan to collect the rings from Xen (who obtained them, and the Mandarin's severed hands through unrevealed circumstances) for use to construct his Paradise in the Realm of the Dead. However, upon doing so, it led to the eventual release Fin Fang Foom's spirit. The spirit would rampage through Japan causing massive destruction during a time when it's heroes -- Xen were away in Asgard.

The Asian continent was defended by the Seven Silver Samurai -- robot defenders at that time -- were unable to stop the robots. When Xen returned to Earth with Dr. Strange and Clea, they attacked the spirit. Clea quickly realized that the creature was an astral form and cast a spell to trap it in its physical body.

Trapped in his decaying corpse, Fin Fang Foom was easily destroyed by the members of Xen.


When he was alive, Fin Fang Foom presumably had the same abilities as his Earth-616 counterpart. His astral form was able to inflict physical damage on the living world, the only way to stop it was to force it back into it's flesh.

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