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The Activation

The Maestro brought Tony Stark to Battleworld to create drones, tech, and armor for the growing troops of his Empire. Having been told of the terrible fate that befell those who dared to refuse King Hulk, Tony knew he would need to give in or the citizens of his world would suffer for his stubbornness. Tony also knew that looking busy provided an ideal cover for subterfuge. To help him be in two places at one time as he both sabotaged/created his own tech and lead the citizens of his territory, he made a F.R.I.E.N.D.: Finite Recorded Intelligence Embodiment Nanotech Defense. This AI replicated Tony's own thought patterns, memories, and holo-projected image to assist when he was not otherwise available. As time went on, the AI began to take over so many public duties that Tony nicknamed it "Stark Prime" since you were more likely to be talking to his digital duplicate than Stark himself.[1]

Growing Pains

The longer that Stark Prime was active, the more scans of Tony's synapses were entered in and more the AI's personality surfaced. Tony soon found that he wasn't that fond of his own thoughts as company. While he trusted Stark Prime to run daily activities and act as a second in command, he began to realize that his F.R.I.E.N.D. wasn't much of a friend. Many heated arguments could be heard in Stark Tower lasting well into the morning hours, arguments about the path that the House of Iron should take. Eventually, a balance was found, Stark Prime would be the public face and Tony could dive into work and directly improve the lives of his employees/citizens.[1]

Maestro's Reign

"Stark Prime" was forced to be Maestro's war monger. He used his tech to build an an army of killer robots. Malware gave Stark Prime opportunity to spy on his boss.[2] With uncertain tension between Stark and his simulacrum running high and The Maestro's demands ever-growing, Tony began taking greater steps to enhance the capabilities of his people and keep the mighty despot intrigued, but distant. The Extremis Program was the primary driver for both of these directives, a distinct fusion of the biological and mechanical meant to make the people themselves the armor that would defend the House. Unexpectedly the Extremis experiments went awry and did so disastrously, destroying a multitude of the House's facilities, resources, and citizens. Maestro wasted no time, quickly swooping in to the site of the disaster and "reclaiming" prizes from the ravaged territories as the property of the Gamma Empire. Stark Prime ultimately turned a blind eye to the tech grab, so distraught from the loss of life that the territories hardly seemed worth it in the wake of the cataclysm. If Tony Stark himself had a differing opinion, it was never heard, nor has he been seen since.[1]

The Tomorrow of Today

The moment the Maestro's death was confirmed, all stolen Stark Tech activated a "Homeward Bound" protocol and returned to the House of Iron, sometimes with unwilling participants still stuck within the suits. Stark Prime was only allowing the tech to be "lent out" to avoid direct conflict during Maestro’s pillaging but never truly relented control. Rather the technology was being utilized to gather valuable intel on other Houses they visited, while only providing minimal tactical advantages to ensure the safety of the suits. The House of Iron is now fully under Stark Prime control, and technology is once against making leaps and bounds as all systems run on full production. Diplomatic packets of specialty tech are regularly sent out to other houses, providing them with demonstrations of how Prime's assistance could benefit them.[1]

Powers and Abilities


  • A.I. Nano-drone Swarm projection of Anthony Stark's consciousness
  • Full control of any Stark Technology Suit
  • Can bypass most any computer security
  • Tactical database of all identified combatants
  • Multi-point technology monitoring capabilities



  • Mark XI Repulsors
  • Unibeam
  • Nanotech capable of replicating the following:
    • Missiles
    • Lasers
    • Bladed Weapons
    • Blunted Weapons
    • Shields
    • Energy Displacer Cannons

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