Quote1 Fiona became "Finality". She's an extremely powerful mutant seeking revenge against all men for the death of her sister. Quote2
-- Cable src

Fiona was born in 1680.

After her sister died, Fiona began to hate all men. She killed her parents and inherited their estate. She was married three times, and killed all of her husbands after giving birth to their children.[citation needed]

Fiona created the Sisterhood of her descendants, and three hundred years later, the Sisterhood consisted of 30,000 women. Fiona planned to seize power in America, by making one of her descendants the President. However, some of her other descendants - Cable and Marvel Girl - prevented this. Many sisters were arrested, but the Sisterhood regrouped and started to develop a new plan.[citation needed]

Dark Mother retained her powers after "M-Day".[citation needed]

Years later,[4] Blockbuster, Prism, and Riptide were sent to kill Dark Mother, and they apparently succeeded.[citation needed]

Power Grid [6]
Energy Projection
Fighting Skills
* Teleporter





Precognition: She possessed the precognitive power to sense alternate futures. She could see hundreds of years into the future.


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