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Quote1 Fiona became "Finality". She's an extremely powerful mutant seeking revenge against all men for the death of her sister. Quote2


Fiona was born in 1680. The second oldest of three children (two girls and a boy), tragedy struck her family when her sister Gloria Knoblach, the oldest went to Salem, Massachusetts. Where she was tried as a witch and put to death in the Salem witch trials. Enraged, her parents told her to move on and what made it worse for her was when the man responsible for the Salem witch trials was elected governor of Massachusetts. Afterwards, Fiona began to hate all men, killed her parents and inherited their estate. She was married three times during the early 18th century, killed all of her husbands after giving birth to their children (all girls) and inherited their wealth.[4]

Fiona created the Sisterhood, an organization of psychic female mutants, recruited from her. After ten generations and three hundred years after her birth, she had over 30,000 descendants and the Dark Sisterhood itself had over 3,000 members.[5] Her Sisterhood grew into an organization with global influence, especially within the United States. The Sisterhood had waited until the United States had become a superpower and they had infiltrated and/or had influence over those in government, the military, labor unions, law enforcement, corporations, and organized crime. Her goal was finally coming to completion with the plan to make one of the sisters (Gina Anderson), via assassinations and the assistance of corrupt allies.

The only real threat to her plans were two of her descendants, Cable and Marvel Girl, who due to being from 2000 years in the future (Cable) or an alternate timeline (Marvel Girl), she could not see the probabilities. The Dark Mother had her sisterhood try to kill Cable and framed him for murders and acts of terrorism. Cable began to cripple her operations and provided allies in the government with the information needed to dismantle her network within the government, resulting in the arrests of many sisters (including Gina Anderson) and their confederates. Cable, Marvel Girl, and 1000s of government agents assaulted her base of operations, and in the battle with Cable, the defeated Dark Mother rendered catatonic.[6]

Though the Dark Sisterhood was able to regroup, years later a team of Marauders (the mutants Blockbuster, Prism, and Riptide) were sent by Sinister to eliminate the Dark Mother, due to precognitive powers. They appeared to have been successful, based on the White Queen's telepathic probe.[7][8]


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