The Fire-Wasps of the Faltine are deadly creatures of magical origin with the single objective to eliminate organic life. They are also neither sentient, nor truly alive. They are normally used to cleanse condemned worlds of living beings. Four of these Fire-Wasps were kept restrained in the secure wing of the Sanctum Sanctorum inside a containment cask.

As part of a plan to prevent Spider-Man from using a debt he owed him against him, the newly-appointed Sorcerer Supreme Loki cited him to the Sanctorum and moved the Fire-Wasps' cask from its safe location. After Loki angered him, Spider-Man swatted the cask without looking in a fit of rage. His nature as a Spider-Totem allowed him to break the vase and accidentally free the Fire-Wasps inside. The Fire-Wasps stormed out of the Sanctum Sanctorum and attacked civilians, striking a few with their venomous stingers. After Spider-Man defeated the Fire-Wasps, Loki crafted a counter-spell to work as an antidote. However, it was too late for the first person stuck by the Fire-Wasps. Spider-Man decided to use Loki's debt to have him reverse time to before the cask was broken. This way, Loki both got into Spider-Man's good graces, and made him loose any possible leverage he could use against him.[1]

Powers and Abilities


Magical Venom Sting: The Fire-Wasps's sting possesses an extremely lethal venom that is magical in nature and kills its victims in a matter of minutes.[1]

Magical Immunity: The Fire-Wasps are resistant to most containment spells.[1]


Spider-Totems: Fire-Wasps are weak to the touch of Spider-Totems. The very touch of one of them is a bane to Fire-Wasps.[1]


  • During the War of the Realms, similar creatures appeared as part of the Dark Council's army. It is unknown if they are the same creatures whatsoever.

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