Firearm is one of the members of the Jury. It was originally implied that the members of the Jury were former friends and co-workers of Hugh Taylor from the Vault who was murdered by Venom. Hugh's brother Maxwell implied that Firearm is eager to perform an autopsy on Venom's symbiote which may mean Firearm's position at the Vault was not that of simple prison guard. The members of the Jury were brought together and outfitted with Guardsman based armors thanks to Hugh's wealthy father General Orwell Taylor. The Jury originally tried to kill Venom but failed. They also put Spider-Man on trial for his role in bringing the Venom symbiote to earth.

Firearm and the other members of the Jury quit the employ of Orwell Taylor and refined their modus operandi. Now using a shell company called Equity Inc the Jury began conducting mock trials with a judge, and a prosecutor and defense lawyers to give the illusion of a fair trial. Eventually the Jury lost their funding and began to work for Edwin Cord with the US Agent as their field leader and tried to bring the Thunderbolts to justice.


Variant of the Guardsman Armor


Gloves that can generate a tremendous amount of heat

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