The origins of the super-powered heroine known as Firefall are as yet unrevealed. She was a member of the First Line as early as the late 1960s.

On July 16, 1969, she joined her teammates on a mission to prevent Skrull spies from sabotaging the Apollo 11 mission to the moon. The group flew there aboard a Skrull Saucer commandeered by their leader Effigy. On the surface of the moon Firefall and her comrades battle Positron, Howler, Typhoon, Scythe and Axis, Earth super-villains who were hired by the Skrulls. The surviving members of these criminals surrendered after Effigy destroyed the Skrull ship and the heroes returned to Earth.[1]

She was next seen with the team in the 1980s when the First Line was dispatched to New York City where their old foe Nocturne was attempting to infect the city with an Alchem-Tech virus that he first used on the Baxter Building. Firefall and her teammates were captured and placed in stasis until they were rescued by the Eternal Brain/Walkabout. The group ultimately defeated Nocturne and destroyed the virus before it could engulf the entire city.[2]

When the First Line learned of a Skrull invasion of Earth, Firefall joined a strike team of past and present First Line members and their foes to stop the invasion. The team sustained heavy casualties but were ultimately successful in their mission when they detonated the Skrull mother ship, destroying the entire fleet in the process. Firefall was present in the battle, and she was slain during the battle prior to the fleet's destruction.[3]


Firefall possessed the ability to generate flame in order to fly, surround herself with a fiery sheath, and to project blasts of fire. The source or origin of her power remains unknown.

Although Firefall's first appearance chronologically was in the issue of her death, the issues of Marvel: The Lost Generation 12 were published in reverse order, so her first in-story appearance was in Marvel: The Lost Generation 6.

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