Quote1 America is no longer the greatest nation on this earth! It is being ruined, poisoned and weakened by the unwanted and unwashed! Anyone who does not contribute to the benefit of his society does not deserve to live in that society! Quote2
-- Firefist src

The background of the killer known as Firefist is unknown. He apparently looked down on people who didn't contribute the USA as a whole and believed that they were a plague on society that needed to be eliminated. He first became targeting and murdering homeless people in New York City. As Firefist prepared to execute another homeless man, he was attacked by the Green Goblin and Spider-Man. While the Green Goblin brought the man to safety, Spider-Man fought Firefist and was nearly killed by the villain, Fortunately, Green Goblin saved Spider-Man. Spider-Man then struck Firefist, knocking him out cold. He then webbed Firefist up for the police to apprehend.[1]


Flamethrowers in his gauntlets

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