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Quote1.png You have given me the Power Cosmic! In the name of justice-- let the donor feel its sting! Quote2.png
Silver Surfer (Norrin Radd)

Appearing in "The Silver Surfer"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Ardina (First appearance) (Death)


Other Characters:

  • Shalla-Bal (First appearance) (First appearance) (Only in flashback)
  • Nick Cosgrove (First appearance)
  • Arthur Lindstrom (First appearance)
  • Sam Kemperer (First appearance)
  • Beth Kemperer (First appearance)
  • Simba the dog (First appearance)

Races and Species:



  • Power Cosmic (Main story and flashback)
  • The Matrix (First appearance)


Synopsis for "The Silver Surfer"

Brief Summary:
The Silver Surfer finds Earth for Galactus to consume, but quickly decides to protect the planet from his master once he sees how many people live there. Galactus grows frustrated in the Surfer's resistance to him and banishes him to Earth. Before he consumes the Earth though, Galactus wants to convince the Silver Surfer to return to him. He creates a female being named Ardina, who's role is to attract the Surfer and convince him that the people of Earth are not worth saving. However, they both fall in love with each other and Ardina vows to be by the Surfer's side in his fight against Galactus. Seeing that his plan has failed, Galactus makes Ardina disappear and offers to spare Earth if the Surfer continues to be his herald. The Silver Surfer grudgingly agrees and departs Earth with Galactus.

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Detailed Summary:
While searching for a suitable planet for his master, Galactus, to consume, the Silver Surfer comes upon Earth. The planet reminds him of his home, Zenn-La, but the people on Earth are much more primitive. He is surprised by the fear that they have in seeing him, a fear that was similar to how his love, Shalla-Bal, showed when she first saw him after Galactus had turned him into the Silver Surfer. He allowed this transformation so that he could find Galactus another planet to consume, thus saving Zenn-La.

Galactus appears on Earth and is happy with what the Surfer has found for him. However, the Surfer is having regrets and tries to convince his master to not destroy this planet and its many people. Galactus ignores his herald's pleas for mercy and insists that Earth will be his next meal. The Surfer attacks and tries to contain him in an energy cocoon, but Galactus easily breaks free. The two attack each other, causing enormous destruction to the city and people below. Galactus strikes him with a deadly blow and Surfer crashes to the ground, his body burnt beyond recognition. Only the energy of Earth, pulsating through him, is enough to revive the Silver Surfer. The Surfer offers a truce and promises to find him another world if he spares the Earth, but Galactus cares not for bargaining and instead banishes him to the planet. Never again will he be able to soar through space. As he departs Earth, Galactus erases all trace of himself and the battle. Only the Silver Surfer knows what had occurred and how so much destruction and injury happened.

Realizing that he's trapped on Earth, the Silver Surfer decides to learn more about the inhabitants that he insisted on saving. He rearranges his molecules to change his appearance and to be able to walk amongst the humans undetected. His disguise does not last that long though and he changes back to his true form when a group of would-be muggers attempt to attack him. They quickly flee, while the Surfer wonders why they are so quick to turn on each other.

Meanwhile, Galactus consumes a small, nearby planet to sate his appetite while he tries to figure out how to get the Silver Surfer to return to him as his herald. He decides to summon his Master of Guile from the darkest recesses of his mind for advice. He recommends that Galactus call forth a female, since he can only be won through his heart.

As the Silver Surfer travels across the planet, he comes across Ardina, a space-born female with beauty beyond measure. She uses her beauty to entice him to open his mind to the idea of rejoining Galactus and to returning to space. He breaks free from his trance to insist that he will not forsake Earth. She shows him the evils that humans do to each other and the planet, but even this cannot change the Surfer's mind. Angered by his deception, the Surfer decides to attack Galactus once again. He soars up to space, but is violently stopped by Galactus' barrier.

As the Surfer falls back down to Earth, Ardina continues upwards to return to Galactus. She apologizes to her master, for she was supposed to steal the Surfer's heart and yet it was her heart that was stolen by him. Galactus tells her not to worry and sends her back to Earth, for his plans for her are not yet finished. When the Silver Surfer awakens on Earth, he is surrounded by Soviet military. Everywhere he flees on the planet, he is attacked by the humans. The CIA unleashes a powerful weapon upon him that, if not for Ardina's assistance, would have likely killed him. Ardina professes her love to the Surfer and promises to stand by him as he defies Galactus.

However, their union is cut short when Ardina is dematerialized by Galactus. The Surfer screams in anguish over his loss and Galactus reflects on his bitter victory. As the Silver Surfer mourns his loss, Galactus once again makes him an offer. He promises to spare the Earth if the Surfer becomes his herald once again. Seeing no other choice, the Silver Surfer returns to his master and leaves Earth.

Solicit Synopsis

The Silver Surfer is the only thing standing in the way of Earth and total annihilation at the hands of Galactus.


  • Earth-7888 is set in a reality where Earth has no superheroes.
  • The story is a remake of when the Silver Surfer and Galactus first arrived on Earth. [1]


  • Cover is based on a sketch by Jack Kirby.
  • First original graphic novel starring Marvel Comics characters.
  • This was the last time Stan Lee and Jack Kirby worked together.
  • Story was written as a movie pitch for a potential Silver Surfer film starring Oliva Newton John and bodybuilder, Frank Zane. Only two concept images of Frank Zane dressed as the Silver Surfer were created.

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