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Thirteen year-old Angelica Jones is attending her new high school and experiencing normal teenage problems until the uncontrolled manifestation her mutant powers to generate microwaves causes strange mishaps that alienates her from her friends. Her grandmother had encouraged her, suggesting that the "M" mark on her palm meant she possessed exceptional talents, but when she passes away Angelica is left with only her father, who is terrifed of her blosoming powers. Both Professor Xavier's Cerebro and the White Queen's Multivac pick up on the appearance of this new mutant, and it's Emma Frost that reaches the Jones household first, offering Angelica a place to learn how to control her powers among others like her at the Massachusetts Academy.


  • Takes place some time between Uncanny X-Men #168 and Uncanny X-Men #180, as the New Mutants are shown to have joined Xavier's school, but Xavier himself is still confined to his wheelchair.

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