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Fifteen year-old Angelica Jones has just had her first confrontation with the X-Men as Firestar. She's been made to see things aren't quite as they seem, but she remains loyal to Ms. Frost. The White Queen continues to try to twist her into an assassin, but the Black King has a new particular target in mind, the new Black Queen, Selene. After a brief trip to her hometown to find her father is still uneasy around her, knowing she's a mutant, Angelica is at the airport to head back to Massachusetts when another of Frost's scenarios comes into play. A man with a boom box bumps into her and the boom box explodes, making it look like she caused it. Other Hellfire agents in the crowd begin to accuse her of being a dangerous mutant, whipping up a riot. Angelica is forced to use her powers to defend herself and her father, ultimately severely burning one of the undercover agents attacking them. As this is happening, Angelica's bodyguard Randall notices the signs of the White Queen's manipulations and has more and more misgivings about what they're doing to his charge.


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