Quote1 It was breast cancer. They got it out but, you know, just to be sure about everything I get the joy of chemo for a little while longer. It's a heck of a diet plan, let me tell you. Not much of a sleep aid, though. Hehh... I don't know what I'm doing either, Cassie. I really don't. Quote2
-- Firestar

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  • unnamed carjackers

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Synopsis for "My New Life"

Firestar was flying though the city when she found a pair of car-jackers who stole a car that had a sleeping baby in the back seat. She stopped the car without injuring anyone and returned home. Before she returned home she went to see Monica who told Angelica she was working too hard and needed to stop and take a break. Falling asleep during their conversation, Angelica's next day was a normal day of college and super-hero work.

Returning home, her dad revealed h# had a girlfriend, whose daughter, Cassie, was an old school bully of Angelica. Later, Angelica, her dad, his girlfriend and Cassie had dinner and trying to get to know each other when Cassie stormed out. Her mother revealed she was going through a rough divorce and Angelica began to feel sorry for her.

Angelica found Cassie drunk at a bar and in Angelica's attempt to be nice, Cassie threw water in her face. She revealed her mutant powers and Cassie drunkenly fled, so Angelica had to destroy her car and drop it in a fountain.

Angelica took Cassie back to her place and the pair bonded. Cassie felt better over her divorce and Angelica revealed she was wearing a wig due to her breast cancer. Later back at her house she felt bad for dad having to pay for an art degree but her dad she had a passion and deserved it. Monica showed up and asked for Angelica's help and so the pair left.

Solicit Synopsis

Angelica Jones has been many things in her life. Daughter. Friend. Fiancée. Mutant. Hellion. New Warrior. Avenger. And, most recently, cancer survivor. Granted a second chance at life, Angelica has only one question for herself: What do I do with it?


  • Part of Marvel's "Women of Marvel" spotlight.

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