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This page is about the location. For the cosmic being, see First Firmament (First Cosmos).

The First Cosmos, or First Firmament, was the original universe, which existed before the Multiverse came into being. It was eternal and unchanging until the Celestials, who desired change, shattered it into the first ever Multiverse and began the multiversal cycles.[4] All of existence stems from its remains.[4][7]

A remnant of the First Firmament still exists, walled off from the Multiverse by the Quarry of Creation.[8][9][7] Some Celestials live there, along with a large stock of Infinity Stones which the Celestials deliver to the Multiverse.[10]


Celestial War[]

First Cosmos from Ultimates 2 Vol 2 6 002

The First Cosmos being shattered

Embodied by the First Firmament, the First Cosmos was the very first universe to ever exist. During the Celestial War, the Celestials detonated their unimaginable weapons against the Aspirants, shattering the First Firmament into pieces. The hundreds of new universes born from those pieces coalesced into the first Multiverse and its personification.[4]

Infinity Wars[]

Celestials from Infinity Wars Vol 1 5 001

Celestials and Infinity Stones under the God Quarry

According to an alternate Loki with all the Infinity Stones, "the original universe" can be accessed by breaching the bottom of the Quarry of Creation, but all the stones are needed to do so.[5] The prime Loki, after collecting all the stones, entered the original universe and found out that it is full of Infinity Stones and Celestials.[10] He asked the Celestials to show him his future[6] and was shown his past self entering the House of Ideas.[11]

Avengers Assemble[]

First Cosmos from Avengers Assemble Omega Vol 1 1 001

The God Quarry is breached

Mephisto, the Council of Red, and Doom Supreme all attacked the God Quarry to access the First Firmament.[8][12] To prepare, they destablized the Multiverse as much as possible to weaken the boundary.[13] After it was breached, Doom Supreme attempted to harness the First Firmament's power to remake the Multiverse but was overwhelmed. Mephisto planned it to end the Multiverse but was thwarted by the Avengers. They could not plug the hole from the God Quarry, so Robbie Reyes entered the First Firmament to seal it from the other side. He remained there, waiting for the chance to return.[7]



  • Two other different accounts as to how the First Cosmos was split into the Multiverse were presented throughout the years:
    • Nemesis, the only living thing that existed within any and all realities, chose to put an end to itself because of its loneliness. From its ashes rose the Multiverse as well as the six Infinity Gems, the reincarnated form of the being's might.[16]
    • The Celestials, wanting symmetry, created the Exterminators to be the death to the life they made from the darkness. When their creations turned against them, the Celestials split the universe into the Multiverse and sealed the Exterminators into one of those universes.[3]
  • In Avengers: Forever (Vol. 2) #15 and Avengers Assemble Omega #1, the First Firmament is erroneously described as a Multiverse.


Celestials and Infinity Stones from Wolverine Infinity Watch Vol 1 5 001

Flashback of Infinity Wars

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