The First Firmament was the very first universe, the First Cosmos, to ever exist.

Out of loneliness, the First Firmament made life, resulting in the creation of several celestial beings. While some of them were industrious in their worship of it, seeking its approval whenever they created life on their own, which prompted the First Firmament to name them "Aspirants"; others, multicolored ones wanted their creations to evolve and for the universe to evolve with them, and thus know growth, change, and mortality. As this was seen by the First Firmament as madness and sacrilege, the multicolored ones rebelled against it and their brethren, the Aspirants, beginning a Celestial War.

When the Celestial rebels detonated their weapons in the final conflagration, the First Firmament was shattered into pieces, forcing it to flee in terror to the farthest edges of being with its remaining Aspirants. From its pure substance hundreds of universes were born, soon forming the Second Cosmos and First Multiverse, as well as a new, collective being. The First Firmament watched from the void as the Celestial rebels colonized the Second Cosmos, evolving their own servitors and calling them "Omegas" in opposition to the Alpha their creator was.

As time passed by, the Multiverse died time and time again only to be reborn evolved soon afterwards, filling the First Firmament with hate as it wanted to reclaim its position as everything that is. This feeling led the First Firmament to wait until the right moment to attack, which came following the restoration of the Multiverse as the Eighth Cosmos. The First Firmament took advantage of the weakened state in which Eternity (the current personification of the Multiverse) was left in the wake of his death and resurrection to bind him in chains, and send its Aspirants to destroy him from the inside out.[3]

While the Ultimates, a team of superheroes from Earth that was reformed by Galactus to discover who had chained Eternity, were fighting against one of its servants and a corrupted Galactus, who had been corrupted by Logos (the amalgamation of Master Order, Lord Chaos, and the In-Betweener, who had in turn been corrupted by the First Firmament), the First Firmament seemingly reclaimed its position as everything that is from Eternity.[4]

In order to stop the First Firmament and aid Eternity, Galactus gathered Ego-Prime, Psi-Hawk, the Infinaut, and the ghost of the Shaper of Worlds to form the Eternity Watch.[5] The Eternity Watch confronted Logos and the First Firmament's Aspirants in the Superflow. At the same time, the Maker foolishly used the High Evolutionary's technology to bring down the Superflow in an attempt to unify the Multiverse into a single reality and strengthen Eternity. When this process proved to be counterproductive and actually began to damage Eternity even further, Galactus had the ghost of the Shaper of Worlds teleport the Ultimates to the High Evolutionary's Counter-Earth.[6]

With the help of another group of Ultimates who had been brought back to life by the Maker and subsequently rebelled against him, Galactus' Ultimates managed to reverse the damage caused to the Superflow and restored the Multiverse to its normal state. Galactus and the Eternity Watch subsequently resumed their confrontation against the agents of the First Firmament. With the help of Black Panther's ascended astral form and the rebirthed Celestials, the Eternity Watch defeated the Aspirants and Logos. The First Firmament was also defeated when Eternity summoned the past incarnations of the Multiverse to his aid, the Ultimate Ultimates. After being chained, the First Firmament was taken by the Ultimate Ultimates to the Next Place, where they hoped to heal their kin.[7]


Much like any of the embodiments of the Multiverse, the First Firmament is virtually omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent, only surpassed by the One-Above-All.

Strength level

First Firmament is stronger than the Eternity reborn as the eighth iteration of the cosmos.[3] However, it's not strong enough to oppose its united successors.[7]

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