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The so-called Fish-Men were the product of underwater nuclear tests carried out during the 1950s that mutated a number of fish into amphibious humanoids. They gave off a radiation at levels that were harmful to human beings. Either caused by the nuclear tests or by the Fish-Men's own power, a mass of land rose out of the ocean in 1951, putting the Fish-Men in the path of the Honolulu Queen cruise ship. Thinking the ship a monster one of the Fish-Men attempted to board the ship, but was shot dead.

The radiation sickening her lover Whitney Hammond, the love goddess Venus sought the aid of the sea god Neptune in investigating the creatures. Confronting the Fish-Men, Venus and Neptune learned their origins and the threat they posed to the humans aboard the Honolulu Queen. Neptune took the Fish-Men under his care while Venus helped the Honolulu Queen escape and continue its course. Those exposed to the radiation the Fish-Men radiated all recovered.[1]

The Fish-Men have not been seen since, their subsequent fate is unknown.

Powers and Abilities


The Fish-Men are amphibious beings that can breath both in water and in the air. Any limitations to their amphibious nature are unknown. Presumably they have adaptations that are similar to the Atlanteans and other undersea races that allow them to dwell under water: Such as the ability to withstand the oceans pressures and temperatures as well as the ability to see in the blue-green spectrum so as to navigate in the deeps of the ocean. The Fish-Men are radioactive creatures that emit a degree of radioactivity, causing them to give off a green glow. While they appear to be immune to radioactivity, other living creatures -- particularly humans -- are vulnerable to their radioactivity and risk radiation poisoning after prolonged exposure. The Fish-Men do not appear to have any ability to control the radioactivity that they emit.



Aquatic: Earth standard.


Earth standard.


Earth standard.


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Cultural Traits

It would appear that the Fish-Men worship or at least were aware of the existence of Neptune the god of the sea.

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