"Fish Face" Friday was a cook that worked for the American Military during World War II. In 1942, he was stationed aboard a battleship on the Panama Canal. At some point during his career, he became good friends with Corporal Jeff Dix. Slow-witted but well- meaning, Fish Face wanted to do what he could to help the American military win the war against Imperial Japan. Putting on an old Civil War uniform, he told Dix that he was going to join the Japanese army. Friday was then jumped by other soldiers who thought he was defecting, but Dix pulled them off. A confused Friday then informed Dix that he intended to join the Japanese to kill them with his terrible cooking. Soon, Japanese bombers attacked the ship, and Friday was injured in a blast. Dix was furious and literally jumped on the plane that injured his friend and forced it to crash.

Friday survived without any serious injury and went right on back to working in the ship's kitchen. Friday was blissfully unaware that a Japanese pilot survived the attack and smuggled himself aboard the ship. Intending to poison the crew, the Japanese soldier attempted to kill Friday when he was caught by Sergeant Dix. Dix with the aid of Friday knocked the Japanese soldier into a pot of soup and had him locked up.[1]

Friday's subsequent wartime activities are unrecorded and his fate is unknown.

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By his own admission, his cooking is terrible. He is also very slow witted.


Fish Face Friday was one of the many characters that were part of the Timely Era of publication that were gross racial stereotypes. His nickname "Fish Face" was in reference to his big fish like lips which was a stereotype associated with African Americans. While socially acceptable at the time, it is considered highly racist by today's standards. See Race and Racism in Marvel Comics.

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