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The so-called Fish People were a race of humans that lived on an island in the Pacific Ocean. In the year 750 AD an earthquake caused the island to sink in the ocean, the surviving members of the race were able to survive due to an naturally formed air funnel created by the earthquake. Around 1450 AD another earthquake cut off this source of air, however by this time the Fish People had evolved to adapt to breathing underwater.

In the year 1950 yet another earthquake caused the island to surface, allowing the Fish People to travel on the surface for first time in centuries. The island was claimed by the international pirate Count Varron who sought to exploit it's resources. Also visiting the island was Uranian hero Marvel Boy who made first contact with the Fish People and attempted to convince them that he came in peace. Varron and his men attacked, killing some of the Fish People and sending the rest fleeing. A female member of their race was also briefly a hostage of Count Varron, but later released.

Varron attempted to slay the Fish People with TNT, but the resulting explosion caused the island to sink drowning Varron and his men. The fate of the Fish People is unknown.[1]

Powers and Abilities


The Fish People have evolved in order to adapt to life underwater. They have gills to allow them to extract oxygen from the water and scales instead of skin. Likely they have adaptations similar to the Atlanteans that allow them to live under great water pressure and cold temperatures.


The Fish People cannot breath on dry land, they require to wear special fish-bowls to breath on the surface.







Level of Technology

Primitive, they use tridents as weapons, they also developed fish bowls that they fill with water to allow them to breath on the surface.



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