Fisher Todd was hired as a technician for the now defunct superhero team Force Works.

Fisher attempted to bond with Rachel Carpenter, the daughter of Spider-Woman by showing her the team's training facility the Vroom Room, but the room's programmes were hacked into and Rachel was menaced by holograms in the form of the Scatter. She was saved by her mother, who was annoyed with Fisher for inadvertently putting her daughter in danger.

Fisher was attracted to Spider-Woman, but she never showed the same interest in him. Instead, she became involved with her teammate Moonraker, but this relationship was proved to be a lie, part of the machinations of Immortus. Once the lie was exposed, Fisher commiserated with her, but they never became a couple.

Fisher Todd's current whereabouts and activities are unknown.


Todd was an experienced technician, capable of repairing most of the equipment in the Works. He was also experienced in handling weapons.

Strength level

Fisher Todd possessed the normal human strength of a man of his age, height, and build who engaged in moderate regular exercise.


Fisher often piloted Force Works' 'hex ship' aircraft, Pegasus.


On one mission, Fisher Todd utilized a voice-activated gun.

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